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Hello! We’ve had many questions about the pantry hours and product availability. Hopefully, this will answer the frequently-asked questions:

The Atwood pantry times and days of operation are Sunday: noon to 2 pm & Thursday: 11:30 am to 3 pm.

Availability of the items we offer varies from week to week, and the pantry typically has most items in stock. More info about the products we offer can be found at Essentials Pantry network. Guests must bring an ID to the pantry. Guests will fill in their shopping list, then the pantry volunteer will pick the products the household is eligible to receive. Eligibility depends upn the size, age, and gender of household members.

The Atwood pantry is part of the Essentials Pantry network and is not a food pantry. The Essentials Pantries provide items that are not covered by SNAP or Wisconsin Food Share.